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Bamboo-wood fiber fast-installed TV wall, low cost, fast speed, no pollution

Bamboo-wood fiber fast-installed TV wall, low cost, fast speed, no pollution

  The newly built house in the home, painted in white, I feel that the TV wall is best to decorate, so I came to Linyi Decoration City to fully understand the decoration materials. Where the wallpaper is sold, observe and observe the past and found a new product. , Bamboo wood fiber, overall fast loading, anyone who knows this product will tell you that it is a whole product, according to your measured size and the color you need, it can be customized.

  Bamboo and wood fiber, which combines environmental protection, fashion, simplicity, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, scratch resistance, flame retardancy and other advantages. It is currently the most suitable new decorative material.

  Come back online to check, some people have written eight benefits of bamboo and wood fiber express, and copied it down to everyone to share:

8 advantages of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel:

1. Green and environmentally friendly with zero harmful gases. After installation, the room has no odor, and no harmful gas is released to ensure the health and friendliness of the family's living environment. Everyone must know about harmful gases. The importance of choosing zero harmful gas decorative materials is not repeated.

2. The fire and moisture are not deformed, which is safe and worry-free. The product design fully considers the importance of fire and flame retardant, and does not support combustion

There is no open flame, which builds a barrier for the prosthesis. At the same time, the bamboo fiber nano-integrated wall panel is completely waterproof and moisture-proof. It is especially suitable for wall decoration in the humid environment of the south. .

3. Good thermal insulation effect. With its own breathability and unique shape design, it can effectively combine the indoor and outdoor temperature transmission, warm in winter and cool in summer, and a comfortable environment.

4. Variety of styling as you like, the design of the product can be designed and matched by you according to the actual decoration style, more humanized, and fun with wall decoration DIY.

5. Easy to clean, the dirt in front or graffiti of children can be removed at any time, clean.

6. Impact resistant, wood-plastic wall panels have high hardness and strong impact resistance.

7. Fast decoration, construction on the rough wall directly by gun nail, you can stay in half a month.

8. Super long life, bamboo wood fiber integrated wall panel can be used for up to 20 years, 20 years, you are not tempted? Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of similar products in the market: latex paint: advantages and disadvantages: cheap price and convenient construction. Disadvantages: yellowing and cracking is poisonous, monotonous, long vacant period and not tolerant to dirt.